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Rodrigo Santoro: When did I wake into this dream? I must have been the only person in the world who didn’t know she was …

(newsreader: With the disappearance of the world most famous…)

Rodrigo Santoro: But my world would never be the same again…

Nicole Kidman: Drive!

Rodrigo Santoro: … when she came into my life.

Nicole Kidman: It’s beautiful up here! Everything seems so peaceful.

Rodrigo Santoro: Who are you?

Nicole Kidman: I’m a dancer. I love to dance.

Rodrigo Santoro: Didn’t matter. I knew who she was …to me.

Nicole Kidman: I love you.

Agent: You must be there tomorrow.

Nicole Kidman: I don’t care about tomorrow.

Rodrigo Santoro: It’s the right thing to do.

Nicole Kidman: No one can steal our dream. No One. Goodbye.

Rodrigo Santoro: And then she was gone. Has she forgotten? I know… I will not. Her kiss.  Her smile. Her perfume.