Get advice on improving your language class or use these videos as classroom supplements.

  1. Improving Listening Skills for ESL Teachers: Those teaching students to speak English can help boost their listening skills with some advice from this video.
  2. Language Learning and Web 2.0: Watch this to learn how you can use technology to improve your language classes.
  3. Alphabet Road: Young children will enjoy watching this series of videos that shows them letters in relation to animals and machines on a farm.
  4. Task Based Learning: See how task based learning can impact your language courses by watching this video
  5. Tips on Teaching a Foreign Language: This video gives some valuable tips that can help improve your skills as a language teacher.
  6. ESL Teaching Tips: Teaching ESL comes with its own set of challenges. This video can give you some pointers on being a better teacher.
  7. Grammar Rock: Who doesn’t love those old Schoolhouse Rock videos? Play these for your kids when they’re learning about elements of grammar, including this one on verbs.